Korea Trip Info

This is the page where you will find details on how to visit Korea for the purpose of learning the military art of Taekwondo from a qualified Grand Master. Please note: This is not athletic training in the Sport of Taekwondo. This training is for martial artists.

To be eligible for the group trips you must be a member in good standing with one of the martial arts organizations listed below. Step 1 for going on the trip would be to join if you are not already a member.

  • Korea Hapkido Federation Haemukwan
  • Korea YuSool Association
  • Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association
  • Korean Military Arts Federation
  • Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society
  • US National Taekwondo Association 
  • US Yudo Association
  • World Christian Martial Arts Federation
  • World Sword Arts Federation

If you are a member of one of the above organizations you can join our mailing list to be on the Priority Registration List for going on the trip. Only 30 people are allowed on each trip. That allows us to transport all trip attendees and their bags on a single chartered bus.

What makes our trip the best? Our trip dates are matched with the Taekwondo Instructors and Masters Course Training Dates. This allows those qualified members to attend the Instructors or Masters Training Course in Korea. Those who attend and pass the course will receive a Taekwondo Instructors License or Masters License depending on their level of course attended.

Trip Dates Are: October 7 – 14, 2012

The trip fees include:

  • Round Trip Air Travel from Atlanta to Inchon South Korea
  • Group Travel Guide & Translator (Private translators available for additional fee)
  • Transportation from Airport to Hotel
  • Transportation from Hotel to training sites
  • Famous Historical Sites Visit
  • Famous Temple Sites Visit  Group Photo Session
  • Shared Hotel Room 2 people per room (Private Rooms Available for an additional fee)
  • 2 meals per day (Breakfast and Dinner) Lunch is purchased individually on your own near the training facility
  • Trip To Martial Arts Supply Company
  • Daily Group Taekwondo Training (Private Lessons Available for additional fee arranged in advance of trip)

Payment must be made in full on or before September 1st 2012.

Here is a list of books and dvds that are recommended reading and viewing for anyone who plans to get their Taekwondo Instructors or Masters Certificate.


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