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December 7, 2009

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May 28, 2009

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Learn Taekwondo in Korea Trip 2009

December 4, 2008

You can get complete information on the training trip to Korea at and .

Experience Martial Arts In Korea World Hapkido Conference 2009

The Korean Hapkido Federtion, in cooperation with the branch member associations, announces the World Hapkido Conference 2009. October 5th – 11th 2008 are the official dates for the World Hapkido Conference in KwangJu, South Korea. October 5th – 9th will be comprised of the Instructor and Master Course. October 10th will be the Demonstration Team Championships with the awards ceremony being held October 11th 2009. Visit for complete details.

It is my sincere pleasure to personally invite you to the 2009 World Hapkido Conference & Championships. This historical event is being held in the beautiful city of KwangJu Korea where you will experience traditional and modern Korean daily lifestyle. The members of the World Hapkido Conference & Championships committee are ready to welcome the international teams and spectators participating in this world class event.

The World Hapkido Conference & Championships purpose is to promote true friendship and unity among martial arts practitioners from around the world and provide participants with diverse cultural experiences of Korean traditions and healthy lifestyle from martial arts practice.

KwangJun is the site of the unification of many Hapkido organizations from around the world. KwangJu will be the home of many future international events that will share the beauty and culture of Korea with the world. Your participation in this historical event will surely contribute to the success of Hapkido worldwide.

The World Hapkido Conference & Championships is a great encounter of Hapkido, traditions, culture, education and international friendship. It will be an experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. We promise the most memorable experience of your martial arts career.

Welcome to the World Hapkido Conference & Championships!

Sincerely Yours,

Grand Master Dong Kyun Kim
World Hapkido Conference & Championships President


World Hapkido Conference & Championships Slogan: Improved Character, Increased Spirit, Healthier Life Through Martial Arts Practice

Period: October 5 to 11, 2009

Welcome Ceremony: October 5, 2009
Instructor and Master Course: October 5 – 9, 2009
KwangJu City Tour: October 5, 2009
Special Courses and Demonstrations of Hapkido: October 6, 2009
Special Courses and Demonstrations of Taekwondo: October 7, 2009
Special Courses and Demonstrations of YuSool: October 8, 2009
Special Courses and Demonstrations of Sword: October 9, 2009
Demonstration Team Championships: October 10, 2009
Awards Presentation and Closing Ceremony: October 11, 2009
Venue: Chollanam-do, KwangJu-shi

Expecting Participants: 22 National Teams and spectators

Promoters: World Hapkido Conference & Championships Organizing Committee
           Chollanam-do Hapkido Association

Sponsors: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tour, Ministry of Foreign affairs and Trade, Korean Hapkido Federation

Deadline: September 1st 2009

How to apply:

Entry Fee: National Team Members:        $100
           Spectators:                    $50
           Instructor Course Candidates: $350

sponsored by: